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We want to make the entire United States of America and the state of Seattle free from the influence of alcohol and drug. And this initiates with providing peerless treatments. These treatments have been discovered and served by our medical experts and skilled consultants who know which treatment is apt for a particular kind of sufferer.

To give you a better overview of our types of treatments, here is a list of what we can offer you the best-

  1. Medical Detox Treatment- It is one of the major and foremost tasks to fasten up the recovery process. Here the detoxification of the body is the vital aspect of the treatment. It all starts with analyzing the body movements or seriousness of anxiety attacks which often occurs when the patient do not consume alcohol or drug for a long time. On the basis of all the analysis, we prepare a list of chemical enriched substances taken before. In a high majority of cases, our experts’ find- heroin, tramadol, Xanax, OxyContin, ecstasy, Lunesta and other such similar medicines are the premium reason behind anxiety attacks. Usually, to let the patient undergo the right treatment process, we admit/enroll the patient at our Sober Drivers of Seattle rehab center. Our experts recommend the patient for medical detox treatment only when the situation can go out of control.
  2. Homely Treatments- Usually in such alcohol or drug addiction issues, the recovery process lasts longer than the other health treatments. Just in case, we detect that the patient can recover better in a homely environment, we prescribe a strict diet chart along with detailed lifestyle habits to assist in the best way possible. In case of an emergency, we also make sure to visit the patient’s place as soon as it is possible to ensure complete safety of the sufferer. In a high majority of cases, we recommend and provide homely treatment option only to those who go through the rigid yet beneficial medical detox treatment first. However, this treatment type is a bit easier as compared to the above one, but at the same time, it may take some more recovery time as compared to medical detox treatment method. Here, apart from our own assistance and prescribed medicines, the support of family and friends is the biggest need. Apart from this, we make sure to provide 24*7 assistance to ensure the sufferer’s comfort at its best. For this, frequent consultation sessions are also planned.

No matter which treatment you undergo, we make sure to ensure facilities like- personal consultation sessions, hydrotherapy, 24*7 medical care, nutritious diet throughout the day, comfortable place to take rest, customizable recovery environment, and a lot of positivity to fasten up the recovery process.

In case, you feel you or anyone from your friends or family is in need of these treatments, feel free to contact our experts who are readily available to sort out all your issues in no time. 

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