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In case, even after going through all our services, consultations and treatment ways, you are in a doubt then here is a string of randomly asked questions or doubts. Read them and enrich your knowledge. If you still want to know anything about our services or consultation assistance, then feel free to contact our team of experts.

What will happen if someone will get to know that I am drunk or under influence of drugs while driving?

There is no doubt, it is one of the most disastrous and almost life-taking incidents which can make you pay a whopping amount of $13,500 or more as the DUI (driving under influence). If not this then you can be imprisoned for a lifetime under critical circumstances.

What is the danger of driving under the influence of drugs or drink?

Consuming alcohol or drug in a high amount can put you in huge risks. It badly affects mental health and raises the possibility of life taking issues. It reduces the concentration power, ability to make the right decisions, majorly effects on your memory and much more. All these impacts can lead you towards the car crash incidents which sometimes end up into death.

It is illegal to keep drugs or alcohol in the car, even when not consumed?

In a few specific countries, yes it is illegal to even keep alcohol or drugs in your vehicle while driving. Once detected, it can drag you into major legal matters where the chances of license cancellation or revocation are quite high. And just in case, you get caught with a high amount of drugs or alcohol, you can be put behind the bars for a long time epoch.

Is it feasible to drive if drugs are taken in the form of medicine?

For some security and safety reasons, it is good to avoid driving after having any medicine that contains a high amount of drug or drowsing impact. As it can be as dangerous as having drugs or alcohol.

How can I report if someone around me is under the influence of drug or alcohol and is still driving?

Well, for such reasons, you can simply contact the police and inform them about the same. The helpline number for cops are different for every region, state, and country.

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