Drinking and Driving- A Serious Offense

If you are habitual to drinking and driving habit, directly or indirectly you are inviting death straightforwardly in your life. This is one of the serious crimes in the world due to which a high percentage of people die a miserable death every year.

A high majority of people observed under the driving and drinking struggle suffer from AUD (alcohol use disorder) which in no time can result in death as well. According to research and analysis, it takes around 30 minutes to 3 hours for the alcohol to stream in your blood. This is one reason why most of the practitioners recommend not to drive at least even after 7-8 hours of having alcohol.

The major impacts of drink on your health and body reactions-

1.       It results in a lack of coordination among different body parts.

2.       Slow down the body reaction time.

3.       Affects the mental health and especially brain.

4.       Disturbs the concentration level.

5.       Blurs the vision to a great extent.

How excessive amount of alcohol affects your body and when?

Usually, the actual quantity of alcohol is measured in BAC (blood alcohol content) level in the body. According to the safety or say, drinking and driving rules, around 0.08% of alcohol is non-punishable in the sight of the law. But, if you have consumed more than that, it is better not to drive and not to put your life on a major risk.

Here is a list of BAC (blood alcohol content) levels showcasing the impact of alcohol on your body, especially while driving.

0.02 BAC (blood alcohol content)- This much amount of alcohol when infuses in your veins and blood starts to relax your body, increases the body temperature, increases the possibility of severe mood swings, and reduces the potential of multi-tasking in your body.

0.05 BAC (blood alcohol content)- It adversely decreases the judgment ability, reduces the coordination and concentration power, weakens the object detection ability, lowers the response rate of your body.

0.08 BAC (blood alcohol content)- Losses self-control and affects your memory.

0.10 BAC (blood alcohol content)- Reduces the potential of controlling and driving the vehicle.

0.15 BAC (blood alcohol content)- Completely misbalances your body actions and reaction times causing major accidents.

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