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“We offer you a complete range of treatments and consultation services to help you overcome the evils of Alcoholism”

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Sober Drivers of Seattle- Your True Helping Hand

Welcome to the alcohol addiction rehab center which offers you a complete range of treatments and consultation services to help you overcome the evils of alcoholism. We deal with several serious mental health issues which in some worse cases, end up into death. As we are concerned about your health and happiness, we make every possible effort to bring back your life on . . .


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One of thousands of family helped by our organization
The recent

statistics of drunk driving

People died in miserable car accidents in 2017
People lost their lives due to excessive drinking of alcohol

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Advanced Planning

If you are planning to join us, you will amaze the sense of planning and strategies to help win your fight.

Personalized approach

We offer you a personalized drug treatment strategy, not a generic program. Each individual is unique.

Solid Principles

Our only motive of serving treatments and mental health consultation services to alcoholics is to help people lead a happy life.

Relapse Prevention

Our goal is to limit or totally prevent relapses by anticipating circumstances that are likely to cause a relapse.

Small Centers

With many centers and locations across Seattle along with other satellite locations, we have a center to serve you.

Free Consultation

Sometimes, just talking to somebody, it can help bring some peace of mind. We offer free consultation.

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How To Avoid Driving If You Are Drunk

There is no reason ever to drive drunk. When you choose to get into a vehicle while drunk you are doing more than putting yourself in danger. You are putting every other person on the road in danger as well.

Death Statistics

According to an informative source, since 1982, the number of drunk driving fatalities has been decreased by 48%. Despite having these positive results, a lot of changes and improvements are required to be done.

Driving and the Drugs

Undoubtedly, every practitioner or rehab center specialist suggests not to DUI (drink under influence). However, it may sound quite common for people who are addicted to drugs, but at the same time, it can be dangerous too.

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445 Columbia St. Seattle, WA 98104, USA

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